Return to the Sea



You may all call me Ankhu (also know as Chelsea.) My purpose here is to teach all who are willing how to shift their bodies so they may return to the sea.

So you know, I myself am a mermaid. No, I will not show you my tail. Why? Because it's stupid to post anything like that anywhere online, that's why. So stop asking.

This is a serious task that will change you forever. You will not be human any longer, and by being here I am not responsible for any of the techniques you attempt on this site; nor am I responsible for any damage whatsoever.

This site utilizes a technique that is called "shifting"- that is, the physical transformation of your body. This is an ancient technique known throughout the world since as early as man remembers. This technique, unlike others, will allow you to shift back and forth between Mer and Human form at will, thus is in my opinion the best, as it allows for more control over a dangerous phenomena.

You will not have a formal instuctor. This site will present to you "lessons"; and it is up to you to complete them on your own time.

You are also expected to be able to manipulate your chakras and go into meditation/trance prior to this. This site will be updated as needed.

About Me:

I was inspired to make this site after seeing Kaishin's Site of a Merman. and also beging given the assignment of teaching shifting. A million thanks to you for helping me suck up the courage to do this.

For a long time I dreamed of being a mermaid. Not just dreamed, but desperately desired with all my heart. It led to me to start studying the occult for a way to become what I always dreamed of. Six years (yes, you heard me! I spent six years on this!) of dedication and inquiry, I developed a way to shift into what I desired.

For a long time I simply studied shifting, and built a wealth of knowledge on that. And, recently, I have used a combination of information from site such as O c e a nT e m p l e and Razgriz Therianthropy Academy to set myself on a permanent course to Mer-dom. I don't regret it. I am currently in the process of permanently transforming, but can force it for a while via the shifting technique you see here. (Update: I have lost interest in permanently shifting, and instead spend my days furthering my research.)

As for everyone reading this: Good luck.

All original content is Copyrighted by me, and may not be used outside of this site for any purposes whatsoever aside notes for the completion of procedures explained herein.