Return to the Sea


The Chakras are Important in Shifting?

Yes. They are absolutely vital! During shifting you are filled with energy, both physical and meta-physical! To ensure the physical shift goes well you must have open, flowing, and strong chakras. The two that must absolutely be open are your third eye and your base chakra.

To Clean the Chakras

Sit. Return to a trance state. Now build energy in your base chakra. Build it up and keep a great deal of pressure on it. You should do this for a good ten minutes (or longer, if that is what you need) and when it is about to burst let it soar up and throughout your body and points like a rushing, raging river. If your chakras are not very open, this may be painful.

Once this is done, keep ki flowing through your points and make sure they are good and open. Now, concentrate clean, white ki in your base. Repeat the prior exercise except in a much gentler fashion. Visualize the bad energy you may have leaving, and the good energy staying within you. Do this until you feel that it has worked and you are clean.

Do this prior to any physical shifting exercise.