Return to the Sea


Lesson 1: Mental Shift/ Etheric Body

The Mental Shift.

The Mental Shift is exactly what it sounds like: the mental adjustment of your mind to become what you are shifting into. To get started: know what you're becoming. This is part choice, part fate. Everyone alive has inner characteristics that define them; such as bravery; loyalty; spitefulness and hate. These inner characteristics can and will partially determine what your Mer-form is(unless you are doing another method which predetermines your form.) So, now I ask you turn to yourself. Go into trance. Look for your inner Mer without judgement or denial, and eventually it will be shown to you. You may not like it or it may not be what you expect, but it is what you must accept. Being anything else will inhibit your progress, so do not influence what you see.

                               Listen. After your first few shifts, you will be able to modify your transformed state with far more ease. Do these procedures and your first full             few complete Physical Shifts first, then attempt to modify yourself, using the pre-established form as a basal structure for yourself.

1. Visualize what you are. The best way to do this is to day dream. The more vivid it becomes, the better. Remember it should not grow and become more than what you started with (as in, don't suddenly make yourself Aqua-Man who can shoot fireballs and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Ok? Good.)

2. This may be harder. You have to pretend you are a Mer. Not only pretend, but believe. Believe with all your heart and mind. Do this whenever possible! Instead of walking, think "I'm swimming against the cold, invigorating currents", or instead of breathing, think "My gills are a little sore today. I should check them later."

3. As a Mer, I am primarily carnivorous. As such I eat meat whenever possible and pick it over other foods like fruit or grain.

Soon enough, this is will come naturally and you will be surprised as it happens all on it's own. You may find yourself trying to "swim" your way to work instead of walking, and desire that fish in the market more than you've ever craved food in your entire life! You may also gain impulses such as wanting to dive into bodies of water and chasing "prey". These impulses must be both acknowledged and controlled, just as human urges are. (Think masturbation, perhaps?)

Negative Side Effects

When you get into deep mental shifts, you may from time to time become very energized and this can cause several issues, such as faux feelings of anger and aggression. These feelings are not genuine. They are caused by increased adrenaline rushing through your body as you are deepening your shift. The remedy to this is simply to get used to it. If you continue on and keep experiencing these releases of adrenaline, your body will become used to them and it should no longer bother you.

Another thing that's likely to happen is your body may change while you're in human form to match with your Mer form. This usually only happens after a long time of mentally shifting, but is a serious process. In my experience, I gained a substantial amount of muscle mass both on the lower and upper parts of my body. My hips also shrank, becoming slightly smaller than a female of my age and height. This was a problem because it tended to be painful. My muscle ripped on their own to form more mass, so of course it was going to hurt! It takes a firm will to get over this and contnue on to your goal.

The last thing I can think of as of this moment is the effect deep mental shifts have on your human abilities such as reading, writing, and speaking. During a particularly deep shift, you may very well not be able to speak, or even use common body language for that matter. For this reason you must be very wary of when and where your mental shift becomes deeper. Ways of lessening the mental shift are easy and can an iminent shift can usually be avoided by will and a combination of doing very "human" things, such as reading or doing complex math.

Once this step is completed, you usually cannot go back. You will think and feel as your Mer-self does almost constantly, and not even realize it. A blessing and a curse.

The Etheric Body

You will notice at times that this new mentality will become very strong, and will produce an effect called "phantom sensations." This is the pinnacle of your new etheric body! Congrats! The mental shift, by way of your belief, causes your etheric body to change all by itself! Neat, isn't it?

Now, the etheric body needs little done to it should you be able to feel it vividly in these phantom sensations. However, if you have completed the Mental Shift but do not feel the phantom sensations, you will need to fix that in order to physically shift. The best way to accomplish this is to simply go into trance and intensely visualize it, as well as working yourself into deep mental shifts. Eventually it will happen.

Fantasy Shift

This is an obligatory bit on the so-called "Fantasy Shift". In my opinion, it's a bit of a waste, but seeing as it can still be considered valuable information by some, I will explain it to you and give examples.

The fantasy shift is more or less what it sounds like-- daydreaming about your Mer-self in order to know what it is and find out more about it. By allowing yourself to be open and unbiased during these exercises, you can be assured no desire leaks in and tweaks what you are. Doing this vividly enough also helps develop your etheric body. Go into trance. As you read the following monolouge, visualize it inside your head a vividly as possible.

You are in a cold, dark place, where you can hear the distant dribble of water clearly. As the chilly, wet air stings at your skin, you're quite nervous as you can't see anything around you. Suddenly, your foot hits cold water. Quickly retracting it, you suddenly hear a voice.

"Come. Do not fear."

The voice is soothing and calming, but what really gets you is that this voice sounds like your own! Calmed by your own voice and curious, you step back in the water. This time, it's warm and comfortable. You continue to step in, letting the warm water continue to envelope you. As you walk even further into the water, you gently float off. The darkness doesn't seem so scary anymore as you drift to sleep, allowing your mind to rest as the blackness around your ushers you into slumber...

As you wake, you feel sensations of bliss and wonder. You feel something is different from before, but you cannot place what it is. As you further awaken, you become aware you're in an aquatic enviornment (this is where your own introspection and imagination come into play. Take whatever comes to you as of this moment.) You also notice that you aren't even human anymore! You're (Imagination inserted here again.)

You start to realize what happened. You can be transformed into a Merfolk! Eager, you slide into the water and check your surroundings (Imagination!), and learn the ups and down of your new body.

For hours you stay like this, swimming to your heart's content. Taking in the temperature of the water, interacting with the aquatic-life; until you notice the sun going down. Sadly, you know it's time to go until tomorrow. But you aren't worried. You know you can come back to this wonderful place anytime you want! All you need to do is to imagine it.