Return to the Sea


Physical Shifting

Physical shifting. The art of transforming your body on the physical plane to match what you have worked long and hard for.

To begin, find a place you can relax in and will not be disturbed. Slip into trance.

Now, what I describe here is a special twist I made myself. Your transformation is a very personal affair and you may feel the need for do something different than this, but for now follow it as I have presented.

Energize yourself slightly. Get the chakra flowing through you. Allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper (count, breathe, chant, whatever works for you), until you're relaxed so much you have to exert effort to move. The ideal state you must be in is your body is nearly asleep, but your mind is well-awake. Now what you must do is visualize your Mer-self. From here, you visualize, fantasize, and do whatever you can to feel and have that image inside your mind. Feel the wonderful sensation of scales/gills/whatever you're shifting into. Urge yourself to shift, but do not force yourself. Force is bad. Eventually, you'll go through the pre-shifting sensations, and then the shift itself. It is important you practice a good deal of patience with this process.

Important: Work yourself into a deep mental shift! The mental shift causes you to believe you are the Mermaid/Man even more so during a shift and is vital! Any disbelief during this period will undoubtedly cause you to fail.

It may take some time to be able to both focus intensely on your Mer-self and the mental shift at the same time, but keeping at it will yield the best results. What I also do is repeat a simple spell to focus my thoughts so I do not wander to something else while doing this. I recite the "Insouciant Inclemency" spell over and over in order to keep my thoughts on track. A focused, unwavering mind is a powerful mind. I definitely recommend reciting it or something similar to keep your mind on shifting. For reference, here it is:

"Insouciant inclemency

Redoutable mediocracy

Refutable humanity

Make me what I wish to be

A mermaid

Witches one and witches all, give this power to me."

I repeat this over and over and over. It may seem silly, but it boosts my concentration levels wonderfully. Like I said, I recommend the recital of this or something similar to anyone and everyone attempting this.

The key to this is your persistence. If you do this once or twice a month, don't expect any results. If you do this for ten minutes and give up, don't expect any results. Once I had everything together it took me a few months to do it, and even now it takes about forty-fove minutes to an hour of this before I shift. As I keep going, this number will go down, but it goes to say you need to practice and do this on a regular basis (I recommend daily if you can manage!)

Getting into Pre-shifting Sensations

Prior to shifting, you experience certain sensations that mean it's working. Among these, pain is not a sign it's working. Pain is bad. If you feel pain, stop.

Everyone's experience is different, so I cannot say yours will be exactly like mine. Early on, I felt a great deal of pain. This was because I was not going about it correctly. I rushed it and did not consider it'd take time to complete itself. As a result I learned the hard way pain is not a good sign.

In my sessions, it usually continues as such:

-- A numbness develops. Not much, but enough to lose a bit of your feeling of touch.

--  I start to heat up. This heat is not bad. It doesn't feel like the sweaty, uncomfortable heat from exercising or humid weather. It's more like when you lay under your blankets and feel warm and cozy, except more intense. It actually feels wonderful and soothing.

-- My muscles tighten, and relax a few times.

-- More numbness follows, as weel as extraordinarily strong phantom sensations. I cannot tell that my lower half is not a tail. A few times I've had to touch and see if I actually shifted or not!

-- Now we're getting very close. My legs slowly move together, all on their own. They stay tightly against each other. I have no idea why they do this, but they do. The heat increases some.

-- I feel as if I am losing control of myself, as if control is gently, yet firmly being taken from me by a strong presence.

-- I suddenly feel like I'm falling, and my body is almost completely numb and I can feel the changes happening somewhat.

This is when you enter what many call the "sneeze". You lose control, you'll be terrified beyond belief-- but stay calm. Losing you calm will cancel the shift. Shifting back is the same thing, except much faster and often you will shift back by accident.

What I do if I Get Stuck?

Terrifyingly enough, sometimes you mess up/ cannot shake the m-shift/ simply can't shift back. This can be a major cause of alarm obviously, and once in awhile it is probably going to happen. What do you do in this situation? Stay calm. Panic makes you do stupid things you regret later on. Stay calm and find a place to hide until you feel like you can shift back. This can take a few hours, maybe longer if you're unlucky; but it is not permanent and should not be a reason for all hell to break loose in your mind. Eventually you will be able to shift back, and you must wait patiently to do so.